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Courses & Examinations :

​The Basic Foundation Course

The Diploma Course

The Preparatory Course

Certificate in Vocal and Instrumental Performance

Summer Program


Examinations are conducted for both Practical & Theory (Every Year)

Sangeet Pravesh - The Foundation Course

All basic class sessions are taken for 6 months to 1 year


Sangeeth Pratham - Junior Diploma
First Year

Second Year 


Sangeeth Pratham - Senior Diploma

Third Year

Fourth Year 

Sangit Prabhakar

Fifth Year 

Sixth Year


Praveen Sangeetacharya

Seventh Year 

Eighth Year

Examinations Subjects 

Both Practical & Theory Examinations are conducted every Year

  • Hindustani Classical  - Vocal, Dhrupad Dhamar

  • Tantra Vadya - Vichitra Veena, Mohan Veena, Sitar, Sarod, Guitar and Santoor

  • Vitat Vadya - Sarangi, Israj, Dilruba and Bela (Violin)

  • Ghanvadya - Jaltarang, Naltarang

  • Sushir Vadya - Flute (Bansuri), Shehnai, Saxophone and Clarinet

  • Avandva Vadya - Tabla and Pakhawaj

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